Going to the beach is something that you do with your family or friends. It’s very rare for someone to go to a beach alone, especially here in the Philippines where going to the beach is at least a once-a-year tradition by families and friends. Beaches are a preferred venue for team building, quality time, reunions, weekend getaways and more.

Unfortunately, not all beaches are designed with this in mind. A lot of beaches, while amazing, are not really designed with groups in mind. Sure, they have rooms for groups, but they can get very expensive.

This is why Kabayan Beach Resort remains to be one of the most popular beach resorts in Batangas. This Batangas beach resort can be the next destination of your family or friends.

Recently, we had a chance to stay at this Batangas beach resort in Laiya after a day tour at the Laiya Adventure Park. Our main purpose for visiting Laiya is to enjoy a day of activities and adventures at the Laiya Adventure Park and we were just looking for a place where we can rest our tired bodies and refuel with delicious food.

It just so happened that Kabayan Beach Resort is the partner beach resort of Laiya Adventure Park. We’ve heard great things about Kabayan Resort so we decided to book a night there.

About Kabayan Beach Resort

Kabayan Beach Resort

It’s one of the pioneering Laiya beach resorts, having been opened back in 1996. In fact, it can be considered as THE pioneer as it’s the very first resort to be established along the white sands of the Laiya beach.

Laiya beach resorts

Formerly known as Laplaya Beach Resort, it started small with just a pavilion and a couple of small cottages. Soon enough, people started flocking to it, leading to the need to expand. Fast forward to today and it now has 19 air conditioned cottages. It also has a multi-purpose hall for events both big and small.

Kabayan resort

Here are some shots of the resort.




As mentioned, Kabayan Beach Resort is a good option if your group is looking for affordable accommodation. They have 3 options to choose from – Hotel, Bahay and Dorm.

We stayed at the Dorm Narra. It’s a basic room that served its purpose which is to provide us with a place where we can rest. It’s clean, cool, and comes with its own private bathroom. If you’re a group of close friends like us, you’ll appreciate an affordable room like this.


Kabayan Beach Resort has facilities that can help make your stay more comfortable. Here are some of their facilities.

You can attend mass at their chapel. They also have a convenience store if in case you forgot to bring some necessities. They also have a play area for the kids. If it’s low tide or you don’t feel like swimming in the beach, you can swim in the pool.

I’d like to give special mention to their restaurant.

Kabayan Beach Resort restaurant

This is where we’ve tried some of the best resort food ever.

I’m not exaggerating. Their food is so good! I’ve read some glowing reviews about their food before. Now, I know why people from other resorts also go to Kabayan for their meals!

Book a Stay with your Family or Friends!

Batangas beach resort

Do you have an upcoming family reunion? Maybe you and your high school friends would like to get together for a weekend? If you’re looking for an affordable beach resort in Batangas, check out Kabayan Beach Resort!

TIP: Book a day trip to Laiya Adventure Park as well for the complete experience!


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