You know that feeling that you get some of the time, okay, a lot of times, when you just want to go out and eat something nice? You’re not looking to just get your fill with food that’s nothing really special. You’re not looking to taste something amazing but still end up hungry because of the small serving.

You want to eat, enjoy, and end up rubbing your tummy with satisfaction.

Ah, the Holy Grail of eating out.

We had that experience at Arsenio’s Grill in Mataasnakahoy and we’re here to tell you about it.

About Arsenio’s Grill

Arsenio's Grill

Arsenio’s is co-owned by cousins Jet Tibayan and Alvin Serrano. Their restaurant is named after their grandfather, Arsenio Tibayan, which is just fitting since the homey restaurant is in their grandfather’s ancestral house. This definitely adds to the appeal.

Arsenio's Mataasnakahoy

They opened last January of 2017 and has been offering grilled dishes with marinades, rubs and sauces that you won’t really experience in a restaurant here in Batangas. They were brave enough to offer something different, and we should reward them for their bravery especially since the dishes are so good. I’m telling you. Some of the dishes on their menu can be placed in a restaurant in Greenbelt and they wouldn’t look out of place.

Arsenio's Grill

Chef Carlos Babadilla heads the kitchen. I had the chance to watch the chef in action and was impressed with his professional prep and cooking skills. He exhibited passion when it comes to serving and enjoying great food and that showed in our dining experience. Kudos also to his cook Edward Padayuman who masterfully manned the grill.

The dining area is managed by Ms. Honey Pesigan who ensured that we’ll have an amazing experience all throughout. Thank you!

Trying the Bestseller of Arsenio’s

We knew that we’re in for a treat when we checked out their fan page. This led to high expectations and Arsenio’s not only met them, but exceeded them.

I’d like to start by talking about their bestseller – their grilled chicken.

Grilled Chicken

You can get it in different flavors. This is the Mexican Grilled Chicken with Arsenio’s Rice.

Arsenio's Grill

This dish comes with a good sized chicken quarter that’s packed with flavor inside and out. You’d find yourself gnawing on the bone so you can eat every bit of the chicken. It’s that good. The Mexican spices used explode in your mouth as soon as you take your first bite. I tasted garlic powder, onion powder, cumin and paprika. I’m sure there’s more.

Speaking of the Arsenio’s Rice, it’s something that you should eat whenever you’re at Arsenio’s. Forget about the plain rice. It pales in comparison with this rice.

We also tried the Caribbean Grilled Chicken.

Arsenio's Grill Mataasnakahoy

The black pepper taste and aroma is strong in this one, and I think it’s beautiful. I’m not sure if they used Allspice berries on their rub which is typical of Caribbean cuisine, but all I know is it gives your palate a barrage of flavors that you don’t normally get to enjoy.

Their grilled chicken dish comes with 3 dips – peri peri, Chimichurri, and garlic ranch. I attended culinary school and I appreciated the fact that 3 different dips are given. Perfecting sauces is hard, and these 3 sauces provided the perfect complement to the grilled chicken.

The Other Offerings

If you’re more of a pork lover, get the Grilled Pork Belly. This one’s the Mexican Grilled Pork Belly with Arsenio’s Rice.

Mexican Grilled Pork Belly

They also have a great selection of chicken wings. Just like their grilled chicken, the flavor is both in the meat and in the skin. We tried the Flaming Cheese.

Flaming Cheese Wings

Think of deep fried chicken wings smothered in nacho cheese with a bit of a kick.

We also tried the Sweet Chili.

Sweet Chili Wings

Fried chicken is often dipped in sweet chili sauce, so this makes sense.

Make sure to get a plate of Sizzling Chicken Wings as well.

Sizzling Chicken Wings

It was torture to wait for it to stop sizzling so we can devour them.

They also have Aglio Olio.

Aglio olio

I should have tried this before trying their grilled chicken. It’s good, but underwhelming considering how amazing their bestselling grilled chicken dishes are. You’ll still love it provided that you don’t compare it with the grilled chicken.

If you’re a student and/or you’re looking to enjoy something while on a budget, you can try their student meals. They have Tocilog.


I can’t complain. It’s what tocilog should be.

People know that I love bangus and their Bangsilog is indeed back for the buck.


It would have been perfect if it’s boneless. The chef is might proud of his bangsilog and for good reason.

They also have Pork and Gravy.

Pork and Gravy

You’d probably order extra rice with this thanks to the gravy.

You can try the Oriental Fish Finger if you’re looking for something light.

Oriental Fish Finger

It’s so meaty that you’d think you’re eating chicken fingers.

For dessert, we tried the Salted Caramel Funnel Cake.

Salted Caramel Funnel Cake

I don’t remember eating funnel cake ever. I know it’s a popular fair food in the US. It’s a good snack or dessert at Arsenio’s.

Try Arsenio’s Today

Hello Batangas

Arsenio’s Grill is one of Mataasnakahoy’s best kept secrets and that’s quite the shame. A place like this should be booming. The selfish side of me would like to keep it to myself, but foodies in Batangas deserve to try Arsenio’s Grill.

Contact Details

Address: 104 Rizal Street, Barangay 2A, Mataasnakahoy, Batangas (Turn left at the intersection with the sign going to La Virginia Resort and Shercon. You’ll turn right at the second intersection. Arsenio’s will be on your left.)

Fan Page

Contact Number: 0916 843 0131

Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday, 11 AM to 9 PM (except Wednesday when they’re open from 9 AM to 5 PM)

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