Boracay is an island of paradise. No doubt about that. Its beauty has captured the dreams of tourists all over the world. Just thinking about its white, fine sand and the spectacular view of the sunset seduces its guests to keep coming back for more.

One might ask: what makes Boracay a number one tourist destination, especially to beach enthusiasts? Well, that’s not a very hard question, isn’t it? Just by seeing it on pictures, you could already tell why it’s a crowd favorite.

But to answer that question, here are some of the reasons why Boracay gets all the love from a global aspect:

  • The Sand

The white, powdery sand of Boracay is one of things that tourists adore the most about the place. The sparkling view of the sand makes vacationers wanting to lie down on the beach under the sun. And when the sun shines the brightest?  The sand turns as sparkly as Edward Cullen of Twilight. The white sand is so fine that everyone finds it fun to dip their toes and leave footprints on them. Perfect for building sandcastles and for burying the memories of a love that was hopeless after all 🙁

  • The pristine water

Tourists from all over the world flock at Boracay for its cool, turquoise water. The awe-inspiring underwater view also leaves tourists wanting for more.

  • The breathtaking landscape

Boracay is a feast for the eyes. The turquoise water that turns to deep blue as you go farther, the tiny view of the sails as they surf the waves and the mountain view that provides a perfect backdrop for the sunset makes tourists fall in love with the place.

  • The variety of activities

Tourists of all ages come to enjoy different activities offered in Boracay. Even non-swimmers enjoy different activities here. You can go swimming (duh), windsurfing, cliff diving, jogging, shopping, partying, food tripping and many more. Boredom is never an option here.

  • The food

Boracay is home to different food “places” catered to the different tastes and preferences of tourists. Local dishes or foreign, street food to gourmet – they all have it here.

  • The sunset

Who doesn’t love sunsets? The feeling you get when you watch the sun as it kisses the horizon, while the sky turns into a blanket of stars. It feels so peaceful, like all your worries sinks with the sun. Boracay provides tourists a great experience of sunset viewing, a perfect way to complete a day of fun-filled memories.

However, it came as a shock when the news regarding the temporary closure of Boracay was confirmed. The island will be closed for tourists for six months, starting from April 26, 2018. This is due to the government’s decision to rehabilitate this world famous tourist destination.

The island’s sudden closure left holiday plans sinking for tourists who are set to visit in the upcoming months. Just where can tourists go to enjoy their aquatic holidays for the meantime?

One good thing about the Philippines is that it has a lot to offer, especially for tourists. Vacationers need not to worry on where to get their dose of beach vibes because there are a loooot of beaches in the country.

Take Batangas, for example. The province is a large treasure chest of beaches. Whatever kind of beach you’re looking for –white sand, secluded, foreign-themed – name it, they have it.

NOTE: Please take care of these Batangas beach resorts. We wouldn’t want another Boracay issue.

Here are some of beach resorts in Batangas that comes close to the splendor of Boracay (in no particular order):

  • Acuatico Beach Resort (San Juan, Batangas)

White Sand  
Pristine water  

One of the Philippines’ famous vacation destinations, the beach of Laiya in San Juan, Batangas also has the Boracay feels to it. White sand, beach resorts and a view of the sunset – it’s like finding Boracay’s twin sibling.

One of the best Batangas beach resorts seated in the stretch of Laiya’s famous beach is Acuatico Beach Resort. It is a premium leisure resort that offers guest a chance to enjoy the white sands of Laiya. The resort takes pride in its infinity pool, which provides a picturesque view of the sunset.

Acuatico Beach Resort’s Infinity Pool. Photo Courtesy of Acuatico Beach Resort

Those looking for adventure can also find joy in the resort’s variety of water activities. Guests can enjoy sports and activities such as kayaking, jet ski, flyboard, beach volleyball and more.

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  • Camp Netanya Resort and Spa (Anilao, Batangas)

Camp Netanya Resort and Spa’s Seafront View. Photo Courtesy of Camp Netanya Resort and Spa

Picturesque View  
Pristine Water  

Dubbed as the “Little Santorini of the Philippines”, Camp Netanya takes you to another level of a beach resort. The Greek-inspired beach resort is located at the coast of Anilao, Batangas, which is known as an “underwater photographer’s paradise”. The combination of stunning blue domes and white wash buildings gives its guests that overseas feeling. It’s like going abroad with the exception of a costly trip.

The resort is home to an infinity pool with a panoramic view of the Balayan Bay. The poolside is the perfect spot to watch the beauty of Anilao sunset. The resort also offers a perfect experience for diving and snorkeling, where guests can partake in the diverse marine life and wonderful corals.

Camp Netanya’s Infinity Pool. Photo Courtesy of Camp Netanya Resort and Spa

Various activities are also offered by Camp Netanya. You can go trekking at Mt. Gulugod Baboy to get a glimpse of the picturesque scenery of Batangas. The resort also offers an island experience package, which includes a boat ride to Sombrero Island and the rocky cave formation at Oscar Island.

You can also enjoy water activities at Camp Netanya such as fish feeding at the Anilao fish sanctuary, kayaking, glass-bottom boating, sailing, wake boarding, water skiing and banana boating.

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  • Matabungkay Beach Hotel (Lian, Batangas)

Matabungkay Beach Hotel’s Night View. Photo Courtesy of Matabungkay Beach Hotel

Pristine Water  
Good food  
Breathtaking View 

Situated at the secluded town of Matabungkay at Lian Batangas, Matabungkay Beach Hotel has been one of the top tourist destinations of local and foreign tourists in Batangas. It is your dream of a holiday escapade, a paradise that promises serenity. The relaxing accommodation, various water activities, scrumptious cuisine and the authentic feeling of a Batangas beach make up for its lack of white sand.

Matabungkay Beach Resort’s Poolside View. Photo Courtesy of Trip Advisor

Matabungkay Beach Hotel has lots of water activities to try out. Click here for the best room rates.

  • Canyon Cove Hotel and Spa (Nasugbu, Batangas)

Canyon Cove Hotel and Spa’s Pool. Photo Courtesy of Asia Travel

White Sand  
Charming View  
Pristine Water  

Boasting the whitest sand in the Nasugbu coastline, Canyon Cove Hotel and Spa gives you the scenic view of the West Philippine Sea. This ecotourism destination is located at Nasugbu, Batangas.

The resort features its very own waterpark experience with their huge inflatable water park. The water park is suited for guests of all ages.

Canyon Cove Hotel and Spa’s Inflatable Waterpark. Photo Courtesy of Canyon Cove

Sunsets make people fall in love with Boracay, and the same thing goes for Canyon Cove. The beach resort has lots of spots to help you enjoy the scenic view of a West Philippine Sea sunset.

They also offer water activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, free diving, paddle boarding, jet skiing, island hopping, cliff jumping, speed boating and beach volleyball featuring a gigantic volleyball.

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  • Pico De Loro Beach and Country Club (Nasugbu, Batangas)

Pico de Loro’s Pool View. Photo Courtesy of Hello Lipa

Scenic View  
Turquoise water  

Pico De Loro Beach and Country Club stands at the coastal resort town of Hamilo Cost. The tropical-contemporary-themed resort village gives its guests the fascinating experience of Nasugbu’s grandiose beach.

The place was once exclusive for its members. But now, non-members are allowed to rent a condo at Pico de Loro and take their private getaways to another level.

Pico de Loro’s Towering Condo. Photo Courtesy of Hello Lipa

Member and guests alike can witness the captivating view of the beach while taking a splash at their infinity pool. The lobby and pool make perfect spots to enjoy the sunset. They can also enjoy a great deal of activities such as paddle-boarding, kayaking, bird watching, diving, pony riding, cove tour, Santelmo eco trail, mangrove tour, jetski, yacht rental and towables.

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  • Kabayan Beach Resort (San Juan, Batangas)
Kabayan Beach Resort

Kabayan Beach Resort’s front view

White Sand  
Pristine Water  
Mouthwatering food  

Kabayan Beach Resort is a seaside resort at Laiya in San Juan, Batangas. It is the partner beach resort of the famous Laiya Adventure Park. The beach resort offers affordable accommodation if you want to enjoy the white sand beach of Laiya. The resort also has a buffet that caters mouthwatering Filipino dishes. It’s one of the best Batangas beach resorts when it comes to food offerings.

If you are the adventurous type, try out Laiya Adventure Park. While Kabayan Beach Resort offers tranquility, Laiya Adventure Park aims to offer thrilling activities. Such activities include wall climbing, rappeling, aerial walking, ziplining and much more.


Laiya Adventure Park’s Zipline

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These resorts are just a taste of a Boracay-like experience in Batangas. However, you should keep in mind that Batangas and Boracay have their own distinct beauties. While Boracay also provides an experience of nightlife by the beach, Batangas, on the other hand, offers a paradise that is away from the noisy lifestyle of the city. But, no matter how different each preference is, tourists could still have the best of their holiday time at Batangas.