Batangas has no shortage of amazing beaches. What it lacks though, at least before, is something new that we can try. This is why we were very excited when we discovered Laiya Adventure Park – a park that encourages you to Dare, Move and Play.

About Laiya Adventure Park

The Laiya Adventure Park, just as the name implies, is an adventure park located in Laiya. This means that a trip to Laiya doesn’t have to be a trip to the beach only. With its very close proximity to Kabayan Beach Resort and other great beaches, you can stop by here for a few hours of adrenaline-boosting fun. Better yet, schedule a full day of adventure. It’s worth the trip, I’m telling you.

Laiya Adventure Park 2018

It’s a pretty big property and is surprisingly picturesque. Upon arriving, we spent a good amount of time taking pictures and videos of the place itself. Yes, the amazing experience starts even before you try their attractions.

I also have to say that this park is well-staffed. The staff members are also very pleasant. You can see everyone hard at work but always with a ready greeting and smile. They’re also very helpful especially when preparing you for an attraction, with some hugot lines and jokes thrown in. I just realized that they probably do that to take the nervousness out of you. Well played.

The Adventures at Laiya Adventure Park

Of course, we’re here to experience an adventure of a lifetime. We started with the Wall Climb.

wall climbing in batangas

We highly-recommend that you do this first as it’s the most challenging. It’s a 40 foot challenge that will give you an exhilarating feeling especially once you’ve reached the top. It gives you almost the same feeling as if you’re outdoor rock climbing, but fortunately way safer.

Don’t let its imposing structure intimidate you.

batangas wall climbing

Most of us were able to reach the top to the surprise of just about everyone.

Here are some tips to help you out:

  1. Before climbing, make a mental note of how you’re going to reach the top. What path are you going to take? Take note of the bigger wall stones that you can hold on to.
  2. When reaching for a wall stone, make sure to reach the farthest stone that you can reach. This helps because you’ll be covering more height which helps you to finish faster.
  3. Resist the temptation to rest for a long time. Time is your enemy here. The longer you spend climbing, the more tired your arms will get.

Don’t fret if you don’t make it to the top! It’s fun, either way!

Next up is the Rappel.

rappeling in batangas

Basically, you’ll go down a 40 foot wall. You control your own descent.

We also tried the Aerial Walk.

This is also very challenging. It’s no cakewalk, that’s for sure. Every path presents a different challenge. Fortunately, there’s an easy path and there’s a hard path, so choose wisely! It’s a very good full body workout! It’s also a mental challenge because there are high elements.

aerial walk

There’s also the Free Fall.

free fall

Just like the Rappel, you’ll also go down a 40 foot wall. But this time, you’re going to jump! You don’t have to worry because the harness will control your descent. The challenging part is the jumping part! It will go from fear to excitement pretty quickly once you’ve overcome that fear.

We also tried the Giant Swing.

giant swing

It’s literally a giant swing. At first it looks boring but once you’re being pulled up, you’ll be wondering whether you made a good decision to try it or not. But as soon as the rope lets go and you start swinging and shouting, you’ll realize that it’s an experience that you shouldn’t miss. How fun is it? Well…

Laiya Adventure Park

Don’t forget to try the Zipline!

zipline in batangas

Remember when I told you that the park looks amazing? Well, enjoy it from a bird’s-eye view via the zipline. All smiles after the ride!


You should also ride the ATV as well.

ATV in Batangas

It’s our first time to ride an ATV. I’ve always wanted to ride one but most facilities offering ATV rides are very expensive.

The ATV ride at Laiya Adventure Park is very affordable especially considering how amazing the trail is.

atv trail

The Amazing Infinity Pool

laiya infinity pool

You’ll be surprised at how amazing their infinity pool is. You’d think that you’re at an exclusive resort. Check out these pictures.

So take a dip after that amazing adventure that you just had. You deserve it!

As for food, you can bring your own food, but don’t bother. Their food is delicious! Make sure to order ahead.


The packages are surprisingly very affordable. Here are their current packages.

laiya adventure park rates

As you can see, you can just choose and pay for the attraction/s that you want to try. But really, you should try all of them and take advantage of these affordable packages.

Book Now!

When someone asks you what you did this summer, would you rather say:

  1. You went swimming?
  2. You went swimming AND went on an adventure of a lifetime?

You don’t even have to tell me the answer because I know. Book an adventure of a lifetime now!

Contact Details

Address: Sitio Lumbangan, Brgy Laiya Aplaya, San Juan, Batangas

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Email Address: [email protected]

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 8 AM to 5 PM

Phone Numbers: (02) 709 1470 / 0977 832 0630 / 0947 998 9278