I first saw goto mami in the Foodies in Batangas Facebook group. It immediately caught my attention as goto and mami are two of my favorite things. They’re up there with lomi. They’re good on their own, but how are they together?

Color me intrigued.

I sent a message on their Facebook page to ask for more details and immediately made plans to visit. Perfect timing as we’re booked at the nearby Rendezvous Resort. I couldn’t wait.

Trying the Goto Mami

I finally got the chance to try goto mami and it was everything I ever imagined. It’s rich and soothing. It’s something that you have to slurp so you can fully enjoy the richness of the broth, with bites of the firm noodles and the sinful goto in between.

Dip the special puto in it and you’d be reaching for another piece of puto as soon as you take a bite.

The goto and mami complemented each other well. They’re a match made in heaven you’d wonder why it’s not yet a thing. Think pandesal and coffee. Puto and dinuguan. Manga and bagoong.

Now, goto and mami!

Other Offerings by G-Boys Restaurant

I’d be the first to tell you that the goto mami alone is worth a visit, but I’d be doing their other offerings a disservice if I’m not going to recommend them. They have a lot of other great offerings. You don’t really have to choose between their goto mami and their other offerings. Just order goto mami AND one or two of their other offerings! Problem solved!

Check out this video and you’d be planning to visit for sure!

Contact Details

Fan Page

Address: Purok I, Barangay Ibabao, Cuenca, Batangas (it’s along the highway)

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM

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