It’s just fairly recently when Batangeños were exposed to the wonderful snack called churros. Churros are not that special to look at. You see a thin and long piece of fried dough. So what’s so special about it?

Good churros should meet these 2 criteria:

  1. It should be made fresh and hot. This means that the dough should be made fresh and should be cooked upon order.
  2. It should be accompanied by a good dip.

Señor Churros met these 2 criteria and somehow made good churros into great ones!

About Señor Churros

Señor Churros owners

From L to R: Ryan Daryl Uy, Jessica Vasquez, Rustan Rezaba and Alaine Rezaba

Señor Churros is owned by Ryan Daryl Uy and husband and wife Rustan and Alaine Rezaba (also of Twins Wild Wings). It’s located at the Ciudad Food Avenue.

churros in batangas

The shop serves churros and its space is dedicated to serving you the perfect churros. You see a designated prep area where they prep the dough and the cooking area where they turn the plain dough into magical sticks of goodness.

About their Churros

churros with chocolate dip

At this point, they decided to keep things simple so they can offer their churros perfectly and with consistency. Their churros are made from dough that they prepare from scratch every day and it shows in their churros. They’re firm. Apparently, you can tell that the churros are made from old dough if they break apart easily.

They also fry their churros at a very specific temperature. This helps them become consistent.

Simply put, you don’t have to worry about ordering again and end up not loving it as much as you loved it when you ordered the previous day. Señor Churros, while everything is handmade, operates like a well-oiled machine to provide us with perfect churros every single time.

What are Your Options?

You can order a 5 piece Churros to Go (PHP 95). It comes in this cute and easy to hold container.

churros to go

You can see people walking around Ciudad Food Avenue with a container in hand. It’s very easy to enjoy while on the go.

Of course, you can also order an 8 piece Churros for Here (PHP 145).

churros with strawberry

We were dining at Twins Wild Wings and they sent the churros over. You can eat it as dessert! They also have tables in front of their shop with a good view of the stage for live performances.

You can get them plain or drizzled with sugar or cinnamon. Each order gets you a dip as well. You can choose from chocolate or strawberry. The chocolate dip is made from high quality chocolate chips and you can tell with every dip. Resist the temptation to grab a spoon and eat the dip on its own. The strawberry dip is how I like it. It’s not too sweet. More importantly, it doesn’t taste like cough syrup.

If you’re having a party, you can also book them so you can serve their churros to your guests! They can set up a booth at your event and they’ll surely be a hit!

New Item on the Menu: Hot Chocolate Drink!

Hot Cocoa Mallows

While they specialize in churros, they realized that it’s perfect with a hot cocoa drink. They also offer Hot Chocolate Drink (PHP 120) served with a little bit of flair. You get a tall glass of hot milk where you get to add high quality choco chips. Stir it up and you get a hot choco drink! You can adjust the sweetness by adding more or less of the choco chips. Top the drink with mallows and you have a comforting drink that will make you smile!

Try Señor Churros Today!

Hello Batangas

Drop by Ciudad Food Avenue and grab Churros to Go. Better yet, stay and enjoy their Churros for Here so you can enjoy them with their Hot Chocolate Drink.

Contact Details

Address: Ciudad Food Avenue, Diversion Road, Batangas City

Fan Page

Phone Number: 0932 138 2585

Operating Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 3 PM to 10 PM

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