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The start of this year caught us surprisingly with its challenges. Now we are faced with this pandemic situation in which we cannot help but to feel stressed and anxious about the future risks. COVID-19 has also limited the activities we normally do, and that may add up to our stress and anxiety.

With the uncertainty caused by this situation, we tend to feed ourselves with information about COVID-19 to limit the spread of it. Though, it is natural to be wary of this situation because it makes us to be cautious and to take action. But, on the other side, too much amount of information in our head can also be crucial to our mental health.

What can I do to handle this stressful situation?

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There are many strategies or steps that can work to help us manage our stress and anxiety. But everyone has his or her own different way(s) on coping up with the challenges. For starters, here are some suggested ideas or activities that might be helpful to you.

  1. Know your coping mechanism.
    Think of the other challenging situations you encountered before. How were you able to cope with it? What are the steps you did to help yourself?

    Here’s a reminder that you can handle your stress. If you need support, your family members, friends, and other loved ones will always be there to support you. Do not underestimate what you can do and what everyone can do.
  2. Put your worries into perspective.
    Our stress and anxiety increase depending on how we think of the COVID-19 situation. We cannot get rid of the “What Ifs” and other strong ideas easily. With that, try to think that not all of our thoughts are facts. We simply hold on to many of it for so long because we “believe” about it. So start with gathering your thoughts and ask yourself: “How can this way of thinking help me and the situation?”
  3. Reduce your stress.
    Decrease other stress sources that contribute to your overall anxiety.
  4. Stay informed.
    Stay informed so that you won’t have to panic over false information about COVID-19. Always consider the reliability of information you see on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.
  5. Take a break; breathe.
    It is important that we stay tuned in the news and information but know when to take breaks. Find balance. You can free yourself from social media and have time to reconnect with yourself by doing the things you enjoy.

    The other ways of taking break can be:
    1. Read your favorite books.
    2. Listen to a relaxing music.
    3. Do any physical activity to stay active.
    4. Eat healthy and well-balanced meals and/or snacks.
    5. Get proper rest and sleep.
    6. Bond with your loved ones.
    7. Talk with people you trust about how you are feeling.
    8. Try to avoid people who are negative or who generally increase your stress and anxiety.
  6. Assess your stress levels.
    Stress has powerful impact on how you deal with things in your life. It affects your ability to function and think clearly. So knowing and understanding your stress level can help you manage your stress and anxiety and maintain positive mental health as this situation changes.

Some of the steps mentioned might work on you. Some might not. If you still feel that you are not coping well, you may need extra support from someone like a psychologist, psychotherapist, or other health professional.

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Listed below are some of the mental health hotlines that you may contact (around Batangas):

National Center for Mental Health

0917-899-USAP (8727) or 989-USAP (8727)

Philippine Mental Health Association (PMHA)
Lipa City, Batangas HQ
+632-921-4958 and +632-921-4959

HealSpace Psychological Clinic
Lipa City, Batangas

Seasoned Counseling Clinic
Tanauan City, Batangas

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