Have you asked yourself a question like: “How can I make the most of this experience in becoming the better version of me?”

At this point, you may still be doubting yourself. You may still be wondering if it’s the right time to try it out. Perhaps, you need a sign?

But guess what? Here’s your sign! If you feel like you have the need to explore and strengthen your skills, there’s no need to be doubtful about it. Just like you have already realized, the other way to see this situation is that you’re given a time to develop your skills and even learn something that you can use once this finally ends!

Here are three EX’s that you can easily remember to spend your quarantine while developing your skills.

Remember EXPLORE

Another way to say this is – try something new! This may be slightly uncomfortable to you, but this could help challenge you to explore your abilities and limitations. Actually, “new” isn’t so much new to us after all since quarantine started.

You can explore your creative side with painting, song composition, poetry, or photography. You can explore your critical thinking by seeking out diversity of thought, logic reasoning, and clarifying points or details. And there are so much you can think of, depending on you.

Do not pressure yourself. No one is forcing you to become an expert. Remember, it’s an exploration! Have fun in doing it!

Remember EXPAND

Keep going. Do not stop learning! Expanding your knowledge this quarantine is a great self-achievement. Even if you’ve already finished studying one course, surely there still are things out there that excite you when you hear about it.

One way to expand your knowledge is by reading. Heard about people who are always reading are most successful? It’s true! Reading can also help your brain stay active. As you process the words and information, it stimulates your brain to come up with new ideas and inspirations.

You may also take free online classes! Coursera is one of the online course sites that you can check out, choosing available topics that fit your interest. If you are thinking to advance your career, you may also take online certifications. Surely, this will take months before you finish it. So better have a great determination and patience to accomplish this!

You can also sign up for free e-TESDA courses!


Oh, it’s not the physical kind of activity like what you might be thinking now. As you have finally explored your abilities and expanded your skills, remember to exercise or apply whatever you’ll be learning in any way or platform you choose.

Of course, the essence of your exploration and expansion of knowledge is to eventually exercise it in real-world situations. This can also be another challenge – transferring of learning. But this is not something to be worried about. As long as you understand the relevance of what you’re learning, you’ll be able to establish your future goals.