As we are being tested now to adjust in the new way of normal, we are also beginning to see and experience things differently from the old usual. Before being temporarily stuck at home, we would normally have our celebrations done outside with family or friends. But this time, it may look and feel different to many.

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But unlike the other events, the fast-approaching Mother’s Day should not be postponed despite the limitations set by the COVID-19 to us. It may feel like the world has stopped turning, but life must still go on. With this special day for our moms, it is important to show how much we love and appreciate them – may they be at home with us or from a distance.

Here are some safe and creative ideas that you can pull off to your mom on her special day.

If you are celebrating with your mom at home, try these:

Breakfast in Bed
Start your mom’s day with your yummy breakfast recipe! It could be a set of two hot pancakes or her favorite silog recipe + coffee. Treat her as if she has woken up from a five-star hotel’s room.

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Set up a Salon at Home
Surprise her with a salon set up at your home. You can help painting her nails with her favorite nail polish, massaging her stressed body muscle parts, and readying one or two moisturizing face masks.

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Quarantined Mother’s Day Photoshoot
Another great and creative way to make her feel more beautiful, younger, and a STAR! Make Mother’s Day a day for her to explore what teenagers usually do in their random photoshoots. Start it from choosing a simple yet fun theme and her fashion style for that day. You can add some BTS (behind-the-scenes) if you would like to share it on your social media!

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Bake Something Sweet Together
It’s a bonding time with her! This can be a hobby of hers or both of you. Spending time to do something that your mom enjoys is something that will surely fill your heart… and tummy.

A Mother Teaching Her Daughter How to Bake

Mom’s Favorite Meal Delivery!
If you both want a total rest from the kitchen, then surprise her by having her favorite food delivered at home! Is she craving for lomi? How about some cheeeeezy pizza? No problem! There are still a lot of food deliveries around the area.

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Movie Night
This never gets old! But this time, let her have the control of the remote and choose whatever feel-good movie(s) she wants to watch.

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If you are celebrating with your mom from a distance, no worries!

All-Day Virtual Bonding Party with Mom
Luckily, Mother’s Day is on Sunday. It’s also a family day! There are a lot of things you can do such as baking or cooking together, starting up a conversation about a hot topic, eating together, and name more in the list!

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Create a Memory Slideshow
It’s been a recent trend in the social media to flex your old family moments and reenacting it in the present with Simple Plan’s “I’m Just A Kid” playing in the background. It’s just the same idea! Gather up your old family photos and compile it into a slideshow with some music or effects, then you may send it to your mom for her to enjoy watching.

Tip: You can make this trend in the new level even though you’re distance away from your mom and other family members. We’ll never know!

Old Phots In A Brown Box

Send Her Flowers
Maybe there’s a local florist in the community your mom’s living in. Contact that store and send flowers!

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Mom’s Favorite Meal Delivery! (version 2.0)
Just like the earlier, you can alternatively contact and order delivery from your mom’s favorite restaurant. She’ll surely love it!

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Host a Drive-By Mother’s Day Parade
You may have been living separately from your parents and siblings because you have started your own family, but that doesn’t mean that you will let this special day pass by. Well, it’s time to call the rest of the family members and host a drive-by parade! This allows you to see your mom while still practicing social-distancing. You can have your car decorated with balloons or banners, loudly showing your love and appreciation to her. It’s an A for effort!

Send a Playlist
Create and send a playlist of songs that either remind you of her or speak your feeling of appreciation to her. You may add some tech guide in case your mom needs it!

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Remember that whatever you’ll be doing on her special day, it’s not because you’re doing it out of trend but because you simply want to show your love and appreciation to her.

From our team, Happy Mother’s Day to every supermom! We appreciate you so much! Here’s a GIFT of LOVE!