Fellow Batangueños, another kababayan has brought home fame and glory to our province! Maxinne Nicole Rangel of Padre Garcia competed at the recently-concluded Mutya Pilipinas 2019. Up against beauty pageant veterans and battling a personal challenge, she ended the night crowned as the Mutya Pilipinas 2019 2nd Runner Up! This is in addition to the following awards:

Darling of the Press
People’s Choice Award
Ms. Echolac
Best in Swimsuit

With this performance, you just know that we can expect a lot of things from Max. Let’s get to know her better, shall we?

Full name: Maxinne Nicole Rangel

Nickname: Max

Hometown: Padre Garcia Batangas

Age: 21

Vital stats: 32 – 25 – 38

Motto in life: Nothing great comes easy.

Can you please introduce yourself to our followers?

Maxinne Nicole Rangel

I was born in Manila but moved to Padre Garcia when I was in Grade 2 and has made that town my home since then. I recently graduated from De La Salle Lipa with a degree in Accounting Technology. I spend my free time traveling and enjoying new things like wakeboarding.

What made you decide to join Mutya Pilipinas 2019?

maxinne rangel

To be honest, I was doubting myself if I can do a pageant of this scale. But this person who’s very special to me pushed me to join. Saying he wanted to see me walk on the big stage since he knows that I have the potential and that I have a purpose in life. He made me realize that I will not be alone on this journey because people will be there supporting and uplifting me.

How was your experience?

It was a rollercoaster ride for me. It was tiring but fun. There were times when I got really stressed that I needed to cry to feel okay and relieved. My body and mind were not fully prepared for it and it was really a big adjustment for me.

I had to travel back and forth from Batangas to Manila during the first few days. I would usually get only 3 hours of sleep every day.

In local provincial pageants, people would always be there to have my hair and makeup done, who would bring my luggage, and fix my things. But with Mutya Pilipinas, I learned how to be independent. In short, I had to do my own things starting from waking up down to preparing my things for the next day.

But you know what? My experience in Mutya helped me grow into a person I never thought I would become. Despite of all the stressful and tiring activities, rehearsals and events, I would always be grateful that I became part of this family. Like regardless of the sleepless nights, my Mutya sisters were there to sleep with me on the floor or our Hyundai vans.

mutya ng pilipinas

A lot happened to me, but I can say that I did genuinely had fun. I transformed into a woman who saw that she has a purpose for other people. At the end of the day, my heart would always choose joy and would always choose to be grateful.

Can you tell us about a challenging experience during the pageant and how you overcame it?

mutya pilipinas 2019

The most challenging experience during the pageant was the training for the walk and posture. I have scoliosis and it was really hard for me to be in good posture. Whenever I needed to stand straight, chest out and stomach in, I would usually feel the pain in my back.

There were times I would really want to give up and cry since it hurts so much but I did not. I told myself, “No, you have to conquer this one.”

Can you describe your feeling when you were announced as the Mutya Pilipinas 2019 2nd Runner Up?

mutya pilipinas

Of course, I was shocked and overwhelmed. Being in the top 6 already blew my mind and I told myself that whatever placement I would get I think I won’t be able to sleep right away. I did not expect this as this is my first time joining a pageant of this scale. And I’m quite new to the national pageantry scene.

Given the chance, how can you help your fellow Batangueños as Mutya Pilipinas 2019 2nd Runner Up?

With this bigger platform, I am now equipped to let the Philippines and the world know that Batangas is a world class province with world class citizens. I’d start with just getting our province’s name out there and it should snowball into something bigger in the future.

What’s next for you?

Everyone is anxious with what my next step is. However, I am fully focused on my responsibilities as a Mutya Runner Up. I am yet to know our schedule and based on that I can decide on what I will do next.

Can you describe the modern Batangueña?


A modern Batangueña is the perfect balance of power and grace, humility and confidence and intellect and beauty. She stands out in a crowd not only because of her extraordinary look but also because she commands attention with her poise and intelligence.

She’s a stunner who speaks her mind and knows she can truly make a difference. I can proudly say that a modern Batangueña is a cut above the rest.

What do you love most about being a Batangueña?

mutya ng pilipinas

When they joke about Batangueñas being matapang, I would usually smile and say, “Matapang talaga.” It is what I love most about being a Batangueña. We are strong because we are humble but have ambitions, grounded but confident and firm but loving.

Whats your favorite Batangueño food?

Batangas Goto.

Describe Batangas to a potential tourist looking for a province to visit.

Batangas is a colorful province rich in history, culture and tradition. It has everything a tourist looks for – from the sand and the sea to mountains and lakes and volcanoes. And we should not forget the variety of mouthwatering food Batangas can offer. Truly it is a complete tourist destination that deserves more attention from local and international guests.

What makes Batangueñas perfect for beauty pageants?

Two things. One, Batangueñas are very strong willed and determined. We know what we want and we do whatever it takes to get it. We don’t stop at anything just to reach our goal.

Two, Batangueñas are beautiful. This may sound cliche but our beauty is more than what meets the eye. It is a glow that comes from within.

We exude charm and poise, elegance and glamour but most importantly we have a good head on top of our shoulders. We enrich our minds with worldly knowledge that when we open our lips and speak our minds the whole world listens.

Whats your message to your fellow Batangueñas aspiring to follow in your footsteps?

Prepare. Power through. Perform.

Three P’s that I believe in. Prepare so you have your mind focused on the competition and nothing else. Power through all the hurdles that will come along the way. Diamond shines because it got polished. Lastly, perform. Give it all you’ve got. The world would know if you’re not delivering your best. You can’t fake it.

So there you go. Prepare. Power through. Perform.

Do these three and success is guaranteed.

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