I first met Rizz when I visited their kennel in Batangas so I can pick up the Doberman I bought from her family. I imagine seeing her and thinking that she’s probably a beauty queen in her earlier years. Little did I know that she’s soon to be one!

I’ve met Rizz as the furparent. Now, let’s all meet her as a mother, beauty queen and Batangueña!

Full name: Rizzalie Joy Semira-Ebreo

Nickname: Rizz

Hometown: Batangas City

Age: 27

Vital stats: 34-25-34

Motto in life: If you can dream it, you can do it!

Can you please introduce yourself to our followers?

            I am Rizz Ebreo, a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Tourism, a former flight attendant of Cebu Pacific Air and now working as a Local Government Operations Officer II at DILG IV-A Batangas. I have a 2 year old daughter and I have 9 dogs. I love travelling and playing Mobile Legends.

What made you decide to join Mrs. Batangas Philippines 2019?

rizz ebreo

            I joined Mrs. Batangas Philippines 2019 because I want to continue fulfilling my dream on becoming an International Beauty Queen. At first I had hesitations because this pageant is different from what I am used to before but my family and friends insists and they told me that if I will not pursue this, I might be letting go of an opportunity of a lifetime.

How was your experience?

rizz semira ebreo

            It was an amazing experience. I have gained new friends, explored new things and learned more about empowering other women especially Moms.

Can you tell us about a challenging experience during the pageant and how you overcame it?

mrs batangas philippines

            One of the challenging experience I had during the pageant is that not everyone you thought is your friend is really your friend. There were some issues circulating and since it’s a competition I just had to let it go and don’t mind them. I guess issues are already mainstream in every competition, so I just had to focus on my goal and do my best to prove them wrong.

Can you describe your feeling when you were announced as the Mrs. Batangas Philippines 2019?

Rizzalie Joy Semira-Ebreo

            It was surreal. I cried a lot. After they announced my name, I prayed to God and thank him that finally I am not a First Runner Up anymore. It was one of the most wonderful night in my life.

Given the chance, how can you help your fellow Batangueños as the Mrs. Batangas Philippines 2019?

rizzalie ebreo

            As Mrs. Batangas Philippines it is my advocate to support all the women in any means possible and educate the youth on how they can use their voice to make a difference in our society. I also advocate “No Moms left behind” and “No to Mom Shaming” because Post-Partum Depression is a real thing and we cannot just neglect it.

What’s next for you?

            Besides being busy from work, business and being a Mom. I am also busy preparing for my next pageant Mrs. Philippines International on December 13-15, 2019.        

Please talk about your upcoming pageant.

Mrs. Philippines International 2019

            Mrs. Philippines International 2019 pageant is one of the prestigious pageant for all Single Moms/Married Women in the Philippines that supports Women Empowerment. We just recently finished with our Press Presentation last October 13, 2019 at Amore Hotel attended by the most sought after pageant gurus and analysts. Our Pre-Pageant Gala will be held on December 13-14, 2019 mostly around the City of Calamba and our Grand Coronation Night will be on December 15, 2019 at Tanghalang Haribon, Insular Life, Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

Can you describe the modern Batangueña?

mrs batangas 2019

            For me a modern Batangueña is Brave and Adventurous. They are not afraid to take all the challenges coming along their way and what’s good in it they are also having fun while taking that journey. They have this happy spirit along them that makes them glow inside out.

What do you love most about being a Batangueña?

            Batangueñas are Maligalig and Matapang. Hahah you might find this funny but this is what I love about being Batangueña. But of course, in a positive way. We care so much that when someone we love gets hurt, we really fight for them. That’s the reason why others call us Barako, because we depict these traits yet we are very delicate and feminine.

What’s your favorite Batangueño food?


Describe Batangas to a potential tourist looking for a province to visit.

            Besides being known as Rich Batangas, We are known for our historical culture and colorful traditions. We also offer the best foods tourists are always looking for. And one thing I am most proud of, the people itself, We Batangueños are known for being hospitable despite being sometimes being mistaken as Matapang/Maligalig. (HAHA) 

What makes Batangueñas perfect for beauty pageants?


            Batangueñas are oozing with Beauty and Brains. We possess this Maria Clara trait everybody loves. We, Batangueñas are also goal driven. We persevere until we have reached what we want. We doesn’t let failure or downfall be a hindrance. And we always step up our A-Game that we let our performance come out naturally.

What’s your message to your fellow Batangueñas, especially moms, aspiring to follow in your footsteps

            To my fellow Batangueña Moms, we should not let ourselves be trapped in the 4 corner of our house. Continue to follow your dreams even though you’ve already become a Mom, there’s more into it that you can ever imagine. Find time for yourself. Don’t deprive yourself thinking that if you do something for yourself, you might not be able to perform your duties and responsibilities as a Mom.

            Always remember, you are a Supermom, you can do anything and everything! Continue to dream for yourself and for your family. And when you are ready, conquer and enjoy the moment. Give all your best and make yourself Proud!

EDITOR’S NOTE: The pictures were provided by Rizz Ebreo. Message us for proper credits.