I was watching the Miss Philippines 2018 to support our good friend, Celline Negosa, who won Miss Philippines 2018 – All Nations in the said event. I also found myself cheering when the Miss Philippines Tourism Queen International 2018 was announced because she’s also from Batangas – Tuy to be exact. I know the place because it’s near Balayan where I used to spend my summers as a young boy.

Her name is Cheska Loraine Alday Apacible or Enkay / Kai for short. I got to know her personally when TV Patrol Southern Tagalog featured them at The Beauty Loft Lipa. Just like most Batangueñas, she’s very pleasant, nice, and a boatload of fun to talk to.

Enkay Apacible

This is why I decided to feature her on this blog. Of course, she’s someone we can be proud of!

miss philippines

Full name: Cheska Loraine Alday Apacible
Nickname: Enkay / Kai
Hometown: Tuy, Batangas
Age: 21
Vital stats: 34’24 1/2’34

Motto in life: Remember that one day you will leave this life, so live the life you will remember.

Can you please introduce yourself to our followers?

kai apacible

I’m Cheska Loraine Alday Apacible from Tuy, Batangas your Miss Philippines Tourism Queen International 2018.

What made you decide to join Miss Philippines?

cheska apacible

To experience what is going on in a prestigious pageant and to have fun.

How was your experience?

miss philippines

The experience was full of excitement because I met new friends with different cultures and beliefs.

Can you tell us about a challenging experience during the pageant and how you overcame it?

cheska apacible miss philippines

The most challenging experience for me was you have to do all by yourself. You don’t have your mom to do your things. You don’t have your make-up artist or handler to put make up on you. You just have to help yourself on doing your things and specially putting make-up on because honestly I don’t know how to put it cause I’m just a simple girl living in a land where you don’t have to be concealed with your make-up, all you have to do is be yourself.

Can you describe your feeling when you were announced as the Miss Philippines Tourism Queen International 2018?

Miss Philippines 2018

I honestly didn’t feel anything. It’s like you’re stepping in a cloud that you can’t feel you’re floating or what. You are just in shock at the moment and afterwards all you did was cry because you still can’t imagine that you were crowned.

Given the chance, how can you help your fellow Batangueños as Miss Philippines Tourism Queen International?

As my title named Miss Philippines Tourism Queen International, I will do whatever it is to promote the tourism of Batangas. I want to show to them what is the real feeling to be a Batangueño – what is the culture, what is the history, what are we known, what is the best in Batangas and that Batangueños are not just known for being loud and brave but also we have a smooth kind heart inside of us.

Can you describe the modern Batangueña?

kai miss philippines

The modern Batangueña is bolder, wilder, braver and powerful in a good way.

What’s your favorite Batangueño food?

I’m in the community where we celebrate the “kambingan festival”, where you can taste almost all the dishes of kambing, The “champene Batangas” is one of my favorite dishes because it has the sweet chili taste that makes the dish unique.

Describe your normal day in Batangas.

The normal day of mine in Batangas is always full of learning and adventure of course.

What makes Batangueñas perfect for beauty pageants?

tuy batangas

Batangueñas a perfectly beautiful inside and out.

What’s your message to your fellow Batangueñas aspiring to follow in your footsteps?


Enjoy whatever you have now and aim for whatever you want to become. Always trust God because He will never let you down.

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