We’ve always been proud of Kathleen “Kat” Tagle Gomez who’s a personal friend of ours. We’ve always felt that she has potential and this is why we were excited when we found out that she joined Miss Tourism Philippines 2018. We knew she’s going to win and that’s exactly what happened as she won Miss Tourism Philippines – World at the Coronation Night held at Chateau Royale last August 25, 2018. She also won the following special awards:

  • Miss Jergens
  • Miss MUD
  • Miss Chateau Royale
  • Miss Lady Grace Intimate Apparel
  • Miss Photogenic

She’s representing the Philippines at the Miss Tourism World competition to be held in Croatia in April of 2019. She’s obviously very busy now but she took some time to answer some questions so we can get to know her better!

Full name: Kathleen Tagle Gomez
Nickname: Kat
Hometown: Brgy. Paligawan, Balete Batangas
Age: 24
Vital stats: 34-26-36
Motto in life: Treat me well and Iʼll definitely treat you better.

Can you please introduce yourself to our followers?

Miss Tourism Philippines 2018

Hi! Iʼm Kathleen Tagle Gomez, 24 yrs old, from Balete, Batangas and Iʼm your newly-crowned Miss Tourism World Philippines – World 2018.

What made you decide to join Miss Tourism Philippines?

What made me decide to join Miss Tourism Philippines is the chance to travel and discover the local tourist spots here in the Philippines. It’s also to grab the chance to raise awareness regarding responsible tourism not only locally but also internationally.

How was your experience?

Kathleen Gomez

It was very hard but itʼs fulfilling. I really started it all from scratch, from the screening up to the coronation night. At first, I didnʼt really have someone to help me out. Until I met my manager Shai and she helped me through a lot of stuff. I always did my own make-up for every event. I also did my styling and trainings too. I really wanted to be independent since then. Unlike the other candidates, they have their own stylists and make-up artists but thatʼs really okay. They really wanted to excel in the world of pageantry.

Can you tell us about a challenging experience during the pageant and how you overcame it?

Kathleen Tagle Gomez

The most challenging experience during the pageant for me was having low self-esteem. I saw a lot of beautiful, intelligent and talented girls and itʼs really hard for me to compete against them because most of the candidates are very competitive. Expectations and pressure made me excel on this pageant because I did all my best because I donʼt want to fail all the people who believe in me.

Can you describe your feeling when you were announced as the Miss Tourism Philippines – World?

Kat Gomez

I was very ecstatic. I didnʼt expect to win as Miss Tourism Philippines – World. Iʼm very thankful and blessed that night.

Given the chance, how can you help your fellow Batangueños as Miss Tourism Philippines – World?

I can help my fellow Batangueños as Miss Tourism Philippines – World by being an advocate of responsible local tourism here in Batangas.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Here she is promoting her hometown – Balete, Batangas.

Can you describe the modern Batangueña?

Kat Gomez

I will describe a modern Batangueña as being a strong, independent woman but has a soft heart.

What’s your favorite Batangueño food?

My all-time favorite Batangueño food is lomi!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Kat joined Jay Recinto of Hello Batangas in his full day of eating lomi challenge!

Describe your normal day in Batangas.

My normal day in Batangas is just simple. Iʼm fond of cooking different dishes, going on road trips, working out in the gym and going to different coffee shops.

What makes Batangueñas perfect for beauty pageants?

Kathleen Gomez

Batangueñas are perfect for beauty pageants because we have this nature of always being strong and independent. We always want to do things our own way. And I think, these are the most important traits a woman should have. Batangueñas definitely possess all of these traits.

What’s your message to your fellow Batangueñas aspiring to follow in your footsteps?

Miss Tourism Philippines World

My message to my fellow aspiring Batangueñas is to always extend your patience at all times and never ever give up. No matter how many stones people throw at you, stand, fix yourself up and never give up. Choose your battles wisely. Not all battles are worth of your energy. Improve yourself, get some motivation and reach for your dreams. Always pray and believe in Godʼs perfect timing.

There you have it! Once again, congratulations to Kat Gomez! We look forward to supporting your journey for Miss Tourism World!