When our sweet tooth craves for attention, we tend to go on a search escapade for sweet confections that will satisfy our cravings. There are a lot that offers sweetness in every bite, but only a few leaves you wanting for more.

We Batangueños don’t need to go over the hassle of traveling somewhere far to get a taste of world-class pastries. Why look far when we have Kamboozia’s Patisserie?  With their delegates of sweetness and baked goods catered for every taste and budget, Kamboozia’s pastry galore will surely give you a strong surge of sugar, spice and everything nice.

The Sweet Story Behind Kamboozia’s Patisserie

The hardworking people behind Kamboozia’s Patisserie

Kamboozia’s Patisserie is the brainchild of husband-and-wife-duo Amir Kamboozia and Diane Hinch, who are both loyal lovers of pastries and baking. The shop was named after Mr. Amir, while their Hinch Donuts were named after Miss Diane.  Their first and main branch is located at San Pascual. Their second branch, which was opened a year ago, is located at Batangas City.

Miss Diane’s passion for baking was born from the magic of cook books. According to her, she was challenged to bake and create various pastries for her mother, who has always requested her to make some sweet pastries. After several attempts, Miss Diane was able to make several pastries that satisfied her mother’s cravings and inspired her and her husband to open a pastry business.

hinch donuts

Miss Diane with their crowd-favorite Hinch Donuts

When they first opened for business, one of their first remarkable products is the Coco de Leche, a custard pastry showered with coconut shavings on top. But their business went into hiatus when Miss Diane gave birth.  When they returned to the business game, the famed Hinch Donuts were introduced to the public.

About Kamboozia’s

The interior makes you feel cozy as you enjoy indulging in your pastry goods. It’s like dining in cafés in Paris minus the Eiffel Tower. The space may be minimal, but the shop is a nirvana of toothsome pastries.

Staying true to their “Crème de la crème” motto, Kamboozia’s variety of products proves they should be in the conversation when it comes to the best of the best. Satisfying their customers’ search for some sweet confections is always their top priority.

Every product they offer is a crowd-favorite, but their bestsellers are Hinch Donuts, Tres Leches, and Brigaderio.

Kamboozia’s Parade Of Pastries

An overview of Kamboozia’s Patisserie’s sweet parade

We were given the privilege to try their new offerings and some of their much improved bestsellers. Needless to say, happiness filled our sweet cravings at that time. It was an on-the-spot pastry party!

Gracing the top of our list is their crowd-favorite Hinch Donuts. It is a sugar-and-milk-dusted donut filled with a gooey goodness of melted cheese. Good news to fans of the Hinch Donuts. Your favorite is now bigger, fluffier and overall better!

Their donut holes come in different flavors – chocolate, strawberry, glazed and tiramisu.

Their filled donuts flavors, on the other hand, are blueberry, dulce de leche, mango, strawberry and bavarian.

Coco de Leche is a twisted love story of custard and coconut. The coconut shavings on the top give Coco de Leche an added texture, giving it a little bit of character and distinction from the other types of custard desserts.

Their version of Tres Leches is a must-try. The creaminess of this milk cake would make you wish for a second serving. It’s the first thing that Kamboozia’s customers always come looking for.

The irresistible Choco Mousse cake reminds you of the sweet feeling of being in love. The rich chocolate taste seduces your spoon to keep coming back for more scoops.

Cheese lovers will rejoice at the sight and taste of Kamboozia’s ensaymada. Layers and layers of cheese will embrace your mouth as you take a bite out of their ensaymada.

You can also enjoy a loaf of the Taisan Keso, a Filipino version of chiffon cake with loads of cheese in the middle.

Take delight in the complementary relationship of sweet and salty flavors as you indulge in their banana caramel bread.

Reminisce on your childhood’s guilty pleasures with the new addition to their pastry family, the chocolate donut stuffed with a Big Bang choco bar. Yes, a whole bar!

Because there’s no such thing as “enough chocolate” in this world.

big bang

What Makes Kamboozia’s Unique?

Some pastries and baked goods tend to go overboard with the sugar thing, but Kamboozia’s pastries contain the perfect sweetness. Their products are not too sweet but not too bland either. The fluffy dough is also a perfect addition in making their pastries and baked goods as enjoyable and dreamy as they are.

What makes Kamboozia’s sweet offerings stand out is the privilege to enjoy palatable sweets at an affordable price (prices start at PHP 9). You can fill your sweet cravings with their scrumptious pastry delights for very affordable prices.

We’re not exaggerating when we say that their pastries are delicious. Their customers keep coming back at their shop every day and their products are always sold out. If that’s not enough proof, then you must try it for yourself!

Enjoy The Sweet Things in Life with Kamboozia’s Patisserie!

Indulge your insatiable sugary cravings by visiting Kamboozia’s! Their cutesy shop is located beside the entrance of Sterling Heights Subdivision in Brgy. Alangilan, Batangas City. Take home a box of their pastries and baked goods that comes with a big smile on your lips!

Contact Details

Address: Brgy. Alangilan, Batangas City (beside the entrance of Sterling Heights Subdivision)

Facebook: Diane’s Patisserie

Contact No.: 09236477819

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday 10:30 AM to 7:00 PM (make sure to come early because they usually get sold-out early)

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