“Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.”

Hello there! How are you today? How is your heart? What have you been doing lately? At this point that you’re reading this short article, have you already tried to check in with yourself?

Day by day, the COVID-19 pandemic spreads and we are still uncertain of how and when this crisis will end. Many of us find ourselves quarantined at home, waking up everyday doing our “new normal”. And yes, we are so much looking forward to see the real world outside our windows! But we can’t easily get rid of our thinking that there is a possibility of an extended quarantine order, thus another extended feeling of disorientation to many of us.

Surely, many people have already realized that the time in quarantine can be used to figure out the best things to do for personal development and growth. With that, remembering to check in with yourself can help you achieve these. You can start with asking powerful questions to yourself daily to help structure your days. You may also journal it if you feel like doing so.

Before having the questions, this is a recognition that not everyone has privileges such as a warm shelter to stay in, adequate food supplies, and financial security. There are so many things happening right now and we should appreciate the privilege we have to stay in our home and ask these questions.

How am I feeling right now?

It is important to practice self-care enough especially in these trying times. How do you feel when you wake up in the morning? If you ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed, should this feeling drive your intention for the whole day? Take at least three minutes to breathe in and feel yourself. You can start your day with the activities that first come to your mind to make yourself feel better.

What am I grateful for today?

There are always things, situations, and persons that give us reason(s) to be grateful. It’s just like how our parents taught us when we were younger – that is to say “thank you” when someone gave something pleasant to us. Now, as many of us ages, we should not forget to cultivate a daily practice of expressing our gratitude, even in the cruelest situations. Say, what are you grateful for today?

Who am I “connecting” with today?

Check on family and friends! See how they’re doing and feeling. Even though we are staying indoors, there are still a lot of ways to “connect” with them and express your feelings. Oh, and gratitude! If you are grateful that they are doing fine, share it to them. This way, we begin to build and create good vibes.

What is the universe trying to tell me to do or create something today?

What is it that you feel doing today? Earlier, what is another thing you would like to explore and try that you think can make you more open, alive, and humane? Finally, what is it that you [as part of humanity] can contribute in the midst of apprehension? It’s just maybe find and recognize the beauty in the world and life which is worth fighting for.

Make art. Cook for your family. Plant garden. Share stories. Show kindness. Create culture. Hear what the universe is trying to tell you!

What did I learn today?

Ask this at the end of the day. Was there a highlight of any perspectives you have just seen that you would like to explore more and grow deeper into it? Was there something that I would like to share to others and even most likely to the younger generation?

Hopefully these questions will be helpful. Feel free to add more to the list!