As soon as the enhanced community quarantine was declared, many companies resorted to implementing flexible or work-from-home (WFH) schemes for their employees.

However, although we are on the second week of being in a WFH set-up, some of the employees still seem to have this challenge to maximize their work productivity. After all, it was not an easy transition especially that some of us are coming from more traditional office set-up.

Do you encounter an instance wherein you were about to report to your desk, but suddenly you find yourself distracted in one corner? If you have the same challenge, have you thought to yourself what must be done or adjusted in your environment? Or could it be your routine?

No worries! Here are some useful keys you can apply to be more productive like you’re in an office:

First Key: Choose a dedicated workspace

The bed is the least ideal workspace or else you’ll be tempted to extend your sleep time.

Your workspace is important. The way how it is presented and organized for you helps stimulate your “work mode” condition (that includes routine, productivity, and efficiency).

Tip 1: Keep your workspace minimal, as it looks good and feels great.

Tip 2: Have your table placed against the wall to be more focused.

If you would like to aim for a minimalist workspace, try this checklist:

□ Sturdy table

□ A comfortable chair with back rest

□ Extension cord

□ Laptop

□ Ballpen, pencil, eraser, paper

□ Tissue, alcohol (Don’t forget your hygiene!)

Second Key: Get ready for the day!

You are not waking-up everyday just to go straight to your workspace, still in pajamas, and just turn on your laptop without having yourself fully-prepared physically, mentally, and emotionally. Well, I suggest it’s not a good practice!

Just like in an office setting, you still have to set yourself up for success even when working from home. The environment may have changed temporarily, but the expectations are still the same!

So on your next day at work (from home), try to do the following:

□ Get yourself ready as if you’re going to office.

□ Have your early morning ritual of preparing yourself.

□ Cook or prepare for your breakfast.

□ Go to your workspace and list down all your tasks. (In such way, you are making yourself productive as you set your goals.)

Third Key: Set your schedule

Setting your schedule will help you keep on track with your workload. If 12 noon is your lunch break, give that one-hour break to yourself. Try not to extend your work unless if it really is urgent.

Tip: Know the time when you’re most productive, and save your harder tasks in that time slot.

Fourth Key: Minimize your exposure to social media

I know, we all love memes and watching funny videos. But to help you get away from being distracted, remove them from your browser shortcuts. If you are thinking about how to maintain your communication with your co-workers, you may leave your Messenger or e-mail account open. You may also have your phone beside you, just help yourself from not turning on the WiFi or else you’ll be tempted by those notification on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Unless you’re working in social media marketing, well that’s a different thing. Just keep in mind about your tasks!

Fifth Key: Communicate

Do not totally isolate yourself. As you work, you’ll also have to communicate with your co-workers especially if you need to come up with a great idea as a team. You may also ask how they are doing while working. In such way, you’re sending some good vibes to your co-workers which helps ease the current situation.

Despite this chaos, it is essential to keep things in perspective. Let us all do an excellent job even though we’re in this kind of setting. Be patient and always commit to doing more! Together, we’ll get through all of these.

We can do this!