A reflection of reality in an extended quarantine.

The life, as we know it, is being redefined right before our eyes as we have no choice but to stay at home. If you can picture the world’s situation now: schools are cancelled, businesses are challenged to function suitably, borders are closed, people are wearing face masks, interactions are made online, and goods are limited. These unprecedented measures undeniably prompted shock among the people as we are not fully prepared in this major shift of our lifestyles.

What’s happening right now could have long-lasting effects in the future. It could be the way we live, work, worship, and interact. Well, there are a number of conceivable futures depending on how people respond in the crisis aftermath.

Image source: Philippine Star (Wearing masks now mandatory: https://www.philstar.com/headlines/2020/04/03/2005141/wearing-masks-now-mandatory )

But now, as we look around us and as we look back to our lives before quarantine, have you noticed some changes in your environment, in the society, within your household, and in yourself?

We may not be fully realizing it, but COVID-19 could really be silently changing us. How is that?

Reflection #1: We are realizing how we have taken things for granted.

Before, we used to not worry or think about what we are actually needing at this point because we assumed we would always have it. But the crisis made us re-examine our lives.

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With all the necessities being limited, we are mutually feeling the consequences and realizing that everything is not guaranteed to us. We used to complain about the things we don’t have, yet we have now come to acknowledge how blessed we can still be to have food on our table and roof over our heads.

Reflection #2: We are learning to appreciate even the small things in our lives.

This is connected to our first reflection in the list. As we learn to ourselves how blessed we really are, that is when we begin to learn appreciating even the small things given to us. We focus our attention to what nurtures us in life, even moments like the beautiful sunrise and sunset, the fresh air we breathe in, the birds chirping, the pretty flowers growing in your backyard, the music you enjoy listening to, the good memories with your family and friends. We tend to capture or record all of these to share it with the world, spreading positive vibes in these trying times.

Reflection #3: We are growing kindness and empathy.

In re-examining our lives and the state of our society, we could have become more aware that there are people who are less fortunate than us. With this, we grow in the perspective of valuing other people.

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As kindness and empathy continue to fill our heart, our actions are not limited by the quarantine. One way is our access to the internet or social media to which many people have thought of various ideas on how to use this platform in reaching out other people who are in need.

Reflection #4: We are recognizing the importance of ALL WORKERS.

Before, we tend to differentiate one another according to one’s profession. But now we are practicing to show respect and gratitude with no discrimination in mind because we have come to realize how all our combined works can be helpful to one another.

We thank the medical professions in looking out for everyone’s health and for solving this pandemic situation with science, the market vendors in selling food necessities, the police officers in helping to maintain peace and order, the janitors in keeping our surrounding clean, the drivers in helping our health workers to reach the areas of concern, the artists in bringing beauty in the world with films, books, music, etc., the farmers in growing food crops for our next meals, the reporters in providing us news and updates, the country leaders who serve the public with compassion and urgency, and there are a lot more of professions you could think of.

If you have someone in mind now, show your appreciation and gratitude.

Reflection #5: We are working to rekindle our bonds.

The virus doesn’t care about one’s nationality, age, wealth, education, look, and viewpoints. We are now learning to not focus on our individual differences because we are all equally vulnerable. Basically, the world is fighting against one enemy. At this time, we tend to bond with those who are around us and work together to overcome this virus.

With this ongoing pandemic situation, it is upon us on how we transform for the better and how to promote social change that we all desire. How we deal with this all together is in our hands. We have choices but which one will benefit everyone? Which one will help us rise again from this situation? Maybe you can use this time to reflect.

If I may ask you, what will your reflection #6 be?