If you pass by Brgy. Bungahan in Cuenca, Batangas, you may have seen a roadside eatery with the sign Mr. Pares Grill. It’s a very simple eatery that wouldn’t have warranted a second look. But after trying their pares and other offerings, we found out that it’s worthy of a stop and a visit!

About Mr. Pares Grill

As the name implies, Mr. Pares Grill serves pares and grilled fares. I’m from Lipa and there’s really no eatery that specializes in pares so I was very excited to pay Mr. Pares Grill a visit.

I’ve seen pictures so I’ve sort of expected that it’s just a simple eatery. It’s very unassuming. It’s something that you’d see and not really notice. I guess it’s part of the appeal. It’s simple, and yet offers great meals that would make you stop to eat over and over again.

The Offerings of Mr. Pares Grill

It’s all about the pares. It’s hot and filling. It’s seasoned perfectly and has a good amount of meat. Vegetables are thrown in, making it a complete meal!

Speaking of a complete meal, make sure that you enjoy it with their adobo (plus extra) rice! It’s a match made in heaven!

They’re a grill, so we also tried their grilled chicken and barbecue. They’re perfectly cooked with just the right amount of charring. They’re marinated in such a way that you can taste the marinade all the way to the bone!

They also have sizzling sisig which I also loved.

You should also try their pancit! They’re good for an afternoon snack or as a part of a heavy lunch with the pares!

The next time you’re in the area, make sure to drop by at Mr. Pares Grill!

Contact Details:

Address: Brgy. Bungahan, Cuenca, Batangas (look for the corner with the Chooks-to-go and 7 11. Go straight until you reach the intersection right after the Brgy. Bungahan arc. Turn right. Mr. Pares Grill will be on your left)

Fan Page

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday 6 AM to 7 PM

Contact Number: 0977 449 8000