Take it from a foodie like me. The experience of dining out doesn’t start and end with tasting the food itself. It involves all 5 senses. Taste is a given. But for you to truly have an amazing experience, the other senses have to be tickled as well.

This is why Collosso Tanauan is a popular spot. You probably know them as the place that serves colossal burgers. Your dining experience will start with the sense of sight as soon as you see how massive their burgers are. You’ll actually get a pretty good idea as soon as you see the buns that they use.

giant burger

About Collosso Tanauan

Collosso Tanauan is franchised by Joriza “Jheng” Magno. She welcomed us as if we’ve known each other for years, which should give you a good idea as to how they treat their customers. Looking at how at home their customers were during our visit, you get a sense that they treat their customers as family and friends.

The place itself is located at the 2nd floor of D-ONE Building B. It’s along San Sebastian Village. It’s easy to spot. It’s the building right in front of FAITH.

Collosso in Tanauan

Collosso Tanauan is mid-sized. It’s big enough to accommodate a good-sized crowd but still cozy enough. There are a lot of Instagrammable spots in their restaurant so feel free to take pictures while you wait for their giant burger to cook if you ordered one which understandably requires longer cooking time.

Eats Good Collosso

Trying the Large Collosso’s Ultimate

Here’s a list of what’s in a Collosso’s Ultimate:

  • Beef patty
  • Cheese
  • Bacon
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Onion

Collosso Tanauan
Okay, sounds impressive enough. Now, imagine these ingredients packed in a 14 inch bun.

giant burger

Yes, more than a foot! I also should mention that the burger patty is made from 3 kilos of ground beef. Yep, kilos.

Collosso Ultimate

If you’re finding it hard to imagine how big it is, the burger was cut into 8 slices and each slice is bigger than a Big Mac.

Enjoying their Pasta

They also serve pasta dishes. We tried the Thor which is their bacon and tomato pasta.

bacon tomato pasta

If you prefer your bacon with white sauce, try the Hercules.

bacon carbonara

If you want something healthier, try the Poseidon.

tuna pasta

Events at Collosso Tanauan


We were lucky enough to visit while they’re having their Chill and Feel event. They invited acoustic performers and spoken word artists to entertain us while we’re enjoying our meal. The event was managed by Kindle Planners who did a great job putting it together. Of course, the owner Jheng “Ms. Change Outfit” Magno did an amazing job entertaining her customers as well.

hello batangas

Jheng (extreme right) with the Hello Batangas team.


A big meal like this calls for dessert. Fortunately, they’re now offering desserts!

My personal faves are the leche flan and the sans rival!

Visit Collosso Tanauan Today!

collosso tanauan branch

As you can probably imagine, Collosso Tanauan is best enjoyed as a group. So gather your family and friends and enjoy a colossal burger and more today!

Contact Details

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Address: 2nd Floor, D-ONE Bldg B, San Sebastian Village, Brgy. 3 Tanauan, Batangas (in front of FAITH)

Phone Number: (043) 726 0440

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday 1 PM to 10 PM

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