When it comes to comfort food, very few can match the comfort that wings, burgers and fries bring. They’re the ultimate comfort food. This is why they’re staples at a lot of restaurants. You eat wings up to the bone and you lick your fingers with gusto. You take big bites of burgers while you pop fries in your mouth in between bites.

The thought alone makes your mouth water. What if I tell you that there’s a restaurant in Malvar that serves unlimited wings, burgers and fries? I’m talking about Wings Tuff Unli Wings + Burgers + Fries.

wings tuff unlimited wings

About Wings Tuff Malvar

wings tuff

It’s a very inviting restaurant. It’s no surprise why it’s very popular among groups of families and friends. You’ll really enjoy the ambience as you dig in their unlimited wings, burgers and fries.

wings tuff malvar

Check out these groups enjoying the experience.

Unlimited Wings at Wings Tuff Malvar

I’ve tried a few restaurants offering unlimited wings and I can tell you that Wings Tuff is among the best when it comes to offering the juiciest, crispiest and tastiest chicken wings. The wings are oozing with juices with every bite. They’re covered with breading and deep fried upon order, making them crispy. They’re also tasty, and I’m not talking about just their breading or sauce. Unlike some wings, their wings are tasty to the bone.

I like that the wings are not tossed in the sauce. Look, I like the sauces of Wings Tuff Malvar, but I still like to be able to taste the natural juices of the wings. Also, some restaurants toss the wings in the sauce to cover them fully to mask the flavorless wings.

wings tuff in malvar

They do have amazing-tasting sauces.

The main challenge here is having the stomach room to try all of these sauces so you can find your favorite. You can try with my personal favorites – the Garlic Parmesan and anything spicy on the list of flavors.

Of course, they’re best enjoyed with rice.

At some point as you go through the flavors, you’ll lose track of what flavor you’re trying. This is where you’ll appreciate that the wings taste amazing on their own.


Unlimited Burgers and Fries at Wings Tuff Malvar

Yes, Wings Tuff Malvar also serves unlimited burgers which is perfect considering that burgers and wings go well together.

unlimited burgers

We tried their Classic WS Burger.

classic burger

You should practice eating with both hands because you’ll be eating the wings with your dominant hand and the burger and fries with your non-dominant hand.

While the burger is good, I suggest that you limit yourself to just one so you can really make room for their tasty wings.

Wings Tuff Malvar Menu

Check out their menu! You can also see rice meals and snacks if you’re not in the mood for unlimited wings.

Visit Wings Tuff Malvar Today!

It’s time for you to gather your family and friends. It’s time for you to let them know that you miss spending time with them. Okay, more like you want to try Wings Tuff Malvar and you want them to accompany you. Either way, they’ll appreciate it!

Contact Details

Address: 458 J.P Laurel Highway, Poblacion, Malvar, Batangas (they’re near BSU Malvar just a few meters from the Malvar exit of Star Tollway)

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Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday from 12 PM to 10 PM

Phone Number: 0906 407 1994

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