When we hear of the word lechon, we usually associate it with a celebration. It could be a wedding. Maybe a fiesta? It’s not something that you get to enjoy regularly. This is because lechon can get expensive since you usually have to buy the whole lechon. Besides, how do you figure to eat the whole thing if there are only 5 or 6 of you? This means that you have to set aside your craving for lechon and just wait to be invited to a special occasion.

Cebu lechon

Well, that’s not the case anymore because there’s a restaurant in San Jose Batangas that specializes not just in any lechon, but Cebu lechon. Best of all, you can enjoy it any day.

About Balai Lechon: The House of Cebu Lechon

Balai Lechon is a fairly new restaurant located along the main highway in San Jose Batangas. It’s hard to miss it with its big sign and massive parking lot that welcome you to a dining experience usually reserved for special occasions.

Balai Lechon

The restaurant itself typifies Cebu-based restaurants that serve Cebu lechon. There are also kubos outside if you want to enjoy your lechon amidst the cool breeze.

balai lechon san jose

Cebu lechon is described by the late Anthony Bourdain as the best pig in the world. It tastes really different from the lechon we’ve known. You can tell that they used different herbs and spices. In fact, it’s so good that it’s meant to be enjoyed without lechon sauce. It may sound blasphemous, but it’s really good enough to eat on its own.

Lechon Cebu

Balai Lechon roasts their lechon on site. You can order a whole lechon or by the kilo. Yes, you can finally enjoy lechon even if you’re a small group! Satisfy that craving for lechon any time you want to!

They also have dishes made more amazing by lechon. The lechon paksiw will forever be the best way to cook leftover lechon.

Lechon paksiw

They also have lechon sigang sa sampalok!

Lechon sigang sa sampalok

It’s probably going to be the first time that you’ll try lechon kare-kare.

Lechon Kare-kare

As for my favorite, it’s the lechon Bicon express!

lechon Bicol express

Pork Dishes

They also have pork dishes that complement their lechon. There’s the crispy pata that you can pair with the lechon for a real lunch treat.

Crispy pata

They also have lechon kawali.

Lechon Kawali

The inihaw na liempo is pretty good too.

Inihaw na liempo

You can also try the roasted humba (top) and roasted pochero (bottom) which are both good.

Humba Roasted pochero

I liked the toasted pork stew better, though.

Toasted pork stew

Other Meat Dishes

They also have beef, chicken and goat dishes!

My fave’s the buttered chicken.

They also have a wide variety of seafood dishes.

I loved the rellenong bangus, inihaw na pusit and the kinilaw! The baked salmon and tanigue steak are a must-try as well!

Vegetable Dishes

Vegetables should always be enjoyed with lechon and they have a nice lineup of vegetable dishes.

Pancit and Pasta Dishes

Their pansit is topped with lechon skin! You’d want to enjoy these pansit dishes while you’re here and you’d probably want to order a bilao to go.

They also have pasta dishes that should be a hit for the kids or for adults during snack time!


For desserts, we tried the buko pandan (top) and minatamis na saba (bottom).

Buko pandan Minatamis na saba

Order them together because they complement each other.

Visit Balai Lechon Today!

Try the cebu lechon of Balai Lechon today! Make that the centerpiece of your table and surround it with the other great dishes of Balai Lechon. The important thing is you bring people you love. Lechon is best enjoyed as part of a celebration, right? Well, enjoying a good meal with people you love is a good reason to celebrate!

Contact Details

Address: Purok 4, Banay Banay 1st, JP Laurel Highway, San Jose, Batangas

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Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday from 9 AM to 2 AM (live band performances every Thursday to Sunday from 7 PM to 2 AM)

Phone Number: 09176855666

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