Camp Netanya is one of the most popular resorts in Batangas. After all, it prides itself in being the “Little Santorini of the Philippines”. It’s always been in my bucket list. Last weekend, I finally got the chance to check it off my bucket list.

My kababata/bestfriend/kumpareng bu-o Kyle Paduganan went back home to the Philippines for a visit after spending 9 years in the states. He was the one who recommended that we spend the weekend at Camp Netanya together with the whole gang after seeing pictures online.

resorts in batangas

Air Force brats at Camp Netanya.

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About Camp Netanya Batangas

I remember the days when Camp Netanya was nothing more than a secret resort that somehow exploded on Facebook when a couple of visitors uploaded pictures. Quickly, netizens were quick to dub it as the Little Santorini of the Philippines. I remember back then, they only had a few rooms and they didn’t even have a restaurant.

Fast forward to today and it’s now a full-service resort that has everything covered for a weekend of rest, relaxation and picture-taking. That’s something that hasn’t changed. If you find it beautiful in pictures, you’ll find it even more beautiful in person.

camp netanya

You’ll be welcomed by a beautiful lobby.

camp netanya in batangas

Go straight and welcome yourself with this amazing view.

camp netanya batangas

Here are some more pictures.

As a word of caution, there are a lot of stairs. The mobility-challenged will really find it hard to navigate these stairs. There’s an elevator that goes down from the main lobby, but you still need to go down and up the stairs to go into your room. I think there are rooms in the main building but still, you need to use the stairs to go to the pool.

About our Room

We stayed at Room 619 which is one of the villas. I chose it because it offered a seaside view, and the view didn’t disappoint.

little santorini of the philippines

The room is pretty basic. It’s clean and everything’s working which is everything you’d want in a room of a resort that you plan on really exploring. The bed’s huge, with my daughter declaring it as the best bed ever.

camp netanya room

NOTE: Watch the embedded video below to see more of the room.

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Activities at the Resort

We were supposed to enjoy water-based activities like kayaking, snorkeling and island-hopping. Unfortunately, the weather wouldn’t cooperate. Habagat winds were in full force and the waves were choppy.

The resort doesn’t lack in land-based activities. There was a free movie night. There’s also a spa. You can also borrow board games. We didn’t do these things because we were there to explore and enjoy the resort.

The Pools

There are basically two pools. There’s one for kids and one for adults. The one for adults is an infinity one that creates the impression that it goes straight into the bay.

camp netanya little santorini

Be careful, though, because that part is 12 feet deep. It’s what they use to train divers before they go into open water.

Make sure to swim right before sunset so you can enjoy this view.

camp netanya philippines

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Dining at Greeka

Greeka is their restaurant located at the main lobby floor. That’s where we had our dinner.

The food is a little bit expensive and is just okay for the price.

We also had our buffet breakfast there. Just like dinner, it’s just okay.

The Staff of Camp Netanya

The staff should do a collective bow. They did an amazing job. Everyone’s very pleasant and always willing to help. You don’t even have to ask for towels. Look as if you’re having troubles and a member of the staff will immediately approach you to ask you how they can help.

camp netanya little santorini of the philippines

Oh, and their lifeguards are very adept at taking pictures. You can even “hire” one as your official photographer.  I saw one guest being directed by a lifeguard for the best pictures for about half an hour.

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