The first time we tried the wings of Twins Wild Wings, it was at their old location in Lipa City. Back then, they were specializing in something else. They were in the process of perfecting their wings at that time because they’re planning on moving to Batangas and opening a new restaurant with a new concept. I told them that it’s going to be a good move, simply because their wings, even back then, were so darn good.

I remember thinking, if the wings back then were still in the process of being perfected and they were so good, imagine how amazing they’d be once they’ve been perfected. Finally, I can stop imagining.

About Twins Wild Wings

Twins Wild Wings

Twins Wild Wings is a restaurant that specializes in – you guessed it – wings! They’re located at the Ciudad Food Avenue along the Diversion Road in Batangas City.

Ciudad Food Avenue

The restaurant is owned by the husband and wife team of Rustan and Alaine Rezaba and is named because of the fact that they have twin boys!

Twins Wild Wings Owners

The Wings of Twins Wild Wings

Of course, we have to judge Twins Wild Wings based on their wings. My wife and I love wings – from the basic fried wings to those coated with different sauces. Let’s just say that we have high expectations.

The wings, especially the drumettes part, are huge. 

They have different sauces that you can choose from so you can visit regularly (and you will once you’ve tasted their wings) and still enjoy every visit as if it’s your first. You can choose from mild or hot Buffalo, honey lemon, soy garlic, BBQ, kung fu, and garlic parmesan. They have more in the works!

What I love about their wings is they’re smothered with just the right amount of sauce. Some restaurants smother their wings too much that you don’t really taste the wings anymore. The wings of Twins Wild Wings remain crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, with the sauce providing just enough excitement to your palate that will keep you reaching for more.

You can enjoy their wings in different ways. If you want to go solo, you can choose from Going Solo Wings.

Going Solo Wings

You’ll get 4 pieces of wings, rice and fries.

If you want something meatier, go for their Drum and Thigh combo.

Drum and Thigh combo

You’ll get a drumstick, thigh, rice and fries.

If you’re on the keto diet or you simply want to enjoy wings, you can get the Ala Carte.

Ala CarteGarlic Parmesan

You’ll get 6 pieces of wings.

Again, you can choose from the different sauces.

They’re Not Just about Wings

One of the best things about wings is you can enjoy them with just about anything. You can enjoy them as either the star of the meal or as a complement to something else that you’re craving for. The owners recognize this and this is why they added other dishes to their menu.

They have Nachos.


This should be renamed to loaded nachos because this basket is loaded.

They also have the Frieszilla.


These cheesy fries are topped with fried bacon bits. Be careful not to eat too much because this can satisfy the Godzilla in your tummy! You have to save room for the main dishes!

If you can only have one appetizer, make sure to get the Chicken Skin.

Chicken Skin

I know that this is as sinful as food gets, but I couldn’t help it. You’ll eat it as if it’s popcorn, before you eat it as ulam once the rice arrives.

You know what goes well with wings? Pasta, and their Chicken Kung Fu Pasta will make you say, “hee-yah!”

Chicken Kung Fu Pasta

Think Charlie Chan, but with a little bit of heat.

They also have sausage that’s best enjoyed as part of a platter. Here it is served with wings and nachos.

Wings, Sausage and Nachos Platter

Here it is served with wings and Crispy Pork.

Crispy Pork

Man, that pork sure is crispy! The skin is perfect especially when you bite on it with a little bit of the pork fat that melts in your mouth. Don’t worry because it’s still very meaty!

Is Twins Wild Wings a dessert place? You’d think so with its nice selection of desserts. We loved the Mango Tango and Mud Pie.

Mango Tango and Mud Pie

You should get them together and alternate bites between them. They complement each other very well. Just make sure that you also get the Oh My Cookie.

Oh My Cookie

Oh my, indeed! I’m not even going to describe it. Just go get it. You can thank me later.

Try Twins Wild Wings Today!

The only thing wild about Twins Wild Wings is how wildly delicious their wings and other dishes are. Everything – from the selection of dishes to the place itself – is well thought of. It’s no wonder why it’s very popular among groups. In fact, a group of 16 arrived just as when we’re in the middle of our meal.

Twins Wild Wings Ciudad

It was also our interns’ first experience being in a food feature. Well, I’d let this picture speak for itself.

Hello Lipa interns

It sure looks like they’re wondering if they’re going to eat again considering how much they’ve eaten.

So gather the squad and we’ll see you at Twins Wild Wings!

Contact Details

Address: Ciudad Food Avenue, Diversion Road, Batangas City

Fan Page

Phone Number:09154807154

Operating Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 3 PM to 10 PM

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